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Sometimes when we work with 3D models, the result is a very complex model 3D that needs a lot of time to be shown in our computer, and this is a key factor in 3D Models.

It is in those moments that VizUp Reducer is very useful, because it does optimization and polygon reduction. Thanks to VizUp you will achieve the optimum detail/size relation level of your models.

VizUp reducer is very easy to use, you only have to open the desired file and press the reduce button, then VizUp will optimize your 3D Model by reducing the number of polygons and by this way making it more useful.

It will be very useful for our website, because if we reduce the size of the files, we will reduce its weight and it will be downloaded faster.

Next-gen kernel was developed from scratch.Improved support of large models (more effective RAM using).Added prediction of a mesh quality criteria parameter.Improved import/export of Wavefront .obj files.Added support of 3GB RAM address space.Recalculate normals and Refine normals options.Added absorption of adjoining shapes.Save selected parts capability.Batch mode reduction (available only in Ultimate Edition).StereoLitho (.STL) import/export has been released.Advanced reduction algorithm has been released.Improved textures mapping quality (advanced algorithm).


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